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Don’t forget you can read our in-depth review of the movie here.

Good Luck!

Ben Fucking Affleck casted as Batman. I can’t.

I was having a nice dinner when I received this message:image

My immediate reaction:


I came back home to find out it wasn’t just some cruel prank.


I truly can not handle this information. He is THE worst actor in the history of acting to possess an Oscar (granted it wasn’t in acting, but fucking hell. It’s still an Oscar for someone who - yeah he made a good movie - but he fucking whined about it for months about not getting recognized all over the board for his somewhat forgettable movie. stfu, Asslick. No one likes you.)


Not even other actors.

Seriously, if they do not re-cast asap - I don’t think I can watch the Superman sequel. I truly don’t think I can watch Hollywood defile Bruce Wayne like this.


There’s only one option if they don’t re-cast.


Epic Facebook Cover Photo

I present to you, Lisa Frank x HOTTIES

I want to say it was hard to narrow the collage down to 4 guys. But it wasn’t.

Tell me this isn’t just simply beautiful.

The best part?


My body’s perfect placement between Idris’ legs and Tom grinning at my shenanigans. <3

Super lots of love and credit to this epic tumblr:

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